Couch to Half Marathon in 6 Months

Before you write this off based on the title, I want to say that running a half marathon in 6 months starting from zero training is actually possible. How do I know? I did it! Even if you don’t think you could possibly be a runner, or you “hate running”, I promise that it’s possible to learn to love it just as I did. The benefits of running are so good and long lasting, that I would recommend it to anyone who is physically able to, to try it. Check out my top tips below to get your running journey started.

  1. The first mile is always the hardest. I don’t feel like this really gets much easier the better of a runner you become, unfortunately. But once you get past mile one, it really does become easier as you keep going.
  2. Learn your pace. One of the mistakes I made when I tried to run on my own in the past was that I assumed you had to be sprinting the whole time. Rather, running is all about finding your comfortable pace, and then pushing beyond that when you’re able to. I think I failed at the beginning of my running journey because I didn’t know to start out slow (maybe an 11:14 mile pace) and accelerate throughout the run.
  • Run in public areas with good lighting
  • Run in areas you know
  • Always be alert

I am a professional photographer in my 20s with a passion for sports, music, tech, fashion, and healthy living. I shoot for the NFL, NHL, MLB, NLL, & freelance.

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